Most state-of-the-art neural machine translation systems, despite being different in architectural skeletons (e.g. recurrence, convolutional), share an indispensable feature: the Attention. However, most existing attention methods are token-based and ignore the importance of phrasal alignments, the key ingredient for the success of phrase-based statistical machine translation. In this paper, we propose novel phrase-based attention methods to model n-grams of tokens as attention entities. We incorporate our phrase-based attentions into the recently proposed Transformer network, and demonstrate that our approach yields improvements of 1.3 BLEU for English-to-German and 0.5 BLEU for German-to-English translation tasks on WMT newstest2014 using WMT'16 training data.
Phrase-Based Attentions
Phi Xuan, and Shafiq Joty. In arXiv (* not peer reviewed) 2018.
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