Discussion forums are an important source of information. They are often used to answer specific questions a user might have and to discover more about a topic of interest. Discussions in these forums may evolve in intricate ways, making it difficult for users to follow the flow of ideas. We propose a novel approach for automatically identifying the underlying thread structure of a forum discussion. Our approach is based on a neural model that computes coherence scores of possible reconstructions and then selects the highest scoring, i.e., the most coherent one. Preliminary experiments demonstrate promising results outperforming a number of strong baseline methods.
Thread Reconstruction in Conversational Data using Neural Coherence Models
Dat Nguyen, Shafiq Joty, Basma Boussaha, and Maarten Rijke. In Proceedings of the Neu-IR 2017 SIGIR Workshop on Neural Information Retrieval (NeuIR'17) , pages xx-xx, 2017.
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